Want to build an actual brand with $1M+ per month in eCommerce sales?

Are you sick of wasting time, money and energy building your business?

Get the proven blueprint to an eight-figure e-commerce business.

Building an 8-Figure e-commerce business is simple…

….If you have the right systems in place

If you are struggling to hit $1M+ in monthly revenue with your e-commerce business, don’t worry… the good news is you’re not alone, and you DON’T need to be an expert… I sure wasn’t.

I’ve built a business that did $10M in our first year of business… BUT…

I am a super normal, average, goofball of a guy. I’ve been on a journey that led me to success through trial and error, heartbreak and suffering…probably the same as what you’re going through right now.

There’s nothing special about me, other than the fact that I worked insanely hard and went through a lot of hardships to build a strong network and skillset that allowed me to create a really successful business…you shouldn’t have to struggle like I did:

We failed with multiple companies, I slept in a garage, I went into debt.

I’ve worked tirelessly trying to grow my business, to acquire customers, to make logistics work, to find the right service providers to work with, to get more from my website.

Finally, we had some success in building a brand. We nailed 1 key area of our business and saw some success, however, we were soon right back into the struggle.

We started to invest in events and masterminds, doing all kinds of training and networking, getting the best mentors and even did a VC backed accelerator program.

We learned that there are systems, formulas, and people who have already done what we were trying to do, and all we needed to do was find the information, find the mentors, and apply what they taught.

The problem with this strategy is that it was SUPER expensive and super hard and long to implement.

I knew that there had to be a better way. I knew I had to create something that I WISH existed when I was starting The Beard Club so that entrepreneurs like you could avoid all of our costly and heartbreaking mistakes….Hell, something that would have made our even earlier companies successful so I didn’t have to sleep in the damn garage.

That’s why I have transcribed all of the lessons along the way in building a globally recognized brand and brought together over a dozen world-renowned experts to create the Sexy Nerd Accelerator.

You don’t need to keep struggling.

Alex Brown
Founder – Sexy Nerd Accelerator
Cofounder – The Beard Club, Unconscious Content, Coolbox, etc

Ready to build that massive e-commerce business?

A lifetime of ROI and value! A perfect road map for long term growth and success! The Accelerator Program was everything we were looking for, rolled into a beautiful package, surrounded by an outstanding community. We feel very lucky to be apart of something so special

Kyle Taylor

Founder, Blacksaw Inc.

Alex is an absolute wealth of knowledge for e-comm businesses big or small. This experience has been incredibly beneficial on all levels. His willingness to help, matched with the high caliber guest speakers, is something I haven’t seen offered anywhere else.

Chad Leiske

Founder, Lucky Bastard Inc.

Working with Alex and the guest speakers was PURE GOLD! I look everywhere and attend masterminds in search of information, strategies, network, and gold nuggets and Alex has brought all that into one place. I felt like it pushed me and my business up 3 levels in one program.

Jaymie Friesen

Founder, Natural Vegan Club

The ROI for this program continues to unfold long after it is finished, it’s pretty amazing. The connections and information I’ve gotten just keep building upon one another, and I’d recommend this to anyone serious about building and growing their eCommerce business in a really effective way!

Jake Schmidt

Founder, Loving Yourself

Why “Sexy Nerd”?

To have a truly scalable e-commerce business you need to be equal parts sexy and nerdy. Hitting in the middle of these 4 quadrants ensures your business is structured properly to scale past 8 figures without all the pain and suffering we endured.

If you’re ready to stop the struggle, cut through the crap, and become a the Sexy Nerd I know you’ve always been, the accelerator program might be right for you.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Sexy Nerd Accelerator….

14 interactive sessions led by world-class experts

Introduction, Foundations & Mindset

In the first module, we get you comfortable with the flow of the program and you’ll meet the other businesses you’ll be working alongside in this tightly curated group. You will learn the foundational theories that will allow you to link all of the future modules together, and understand how to apply them all quickly. You will also get some mindset coaching from high-level coaches to set your mind to breaking through various barriers and conquering new heights with the program.

Organizing your business, SOP’s and Process Development

Every business can be absolute chaos if the right processes and procedures aren’t in place. You will learn high-impact strategies and systems to save you thousands of hours of time and millions of dollars by developing processes in areas of your business and creating standard operating procedures as you build.  This work creates a strong foundation for building a large and extremely efficient business.

Data, Metrics & Analytics

You cannot build a high growth company unless you understand how to track and interpret data, metrics, and analytics. Unless you are tracking and interpreting, you will have no real idea on what is working and what isnt….meaning you can’t focus properly, and keep spinning around in circles. This module will help you build a foundational understanding of getting your data to work for you, and does so in a way that any non-technical person can get a far better understanding of their company without a computer programming degree.

Website & Tech

You do not need to be a technology company to run an e-commerce business. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to understand the basics and build a roadmap so that your technology can evolve as your business does. Here you will learn to de-complicate and de-clutter your website, build a roadmap for success, manage your technology partners, and focus your energy on building out an incredible platform to do millions in sales per month.


Building a brand will separate you from the masses and give you incredible equity with your customers. You cannot run a lasting and scalable e-commerce business without having a strategic focus on building a strong and recognizable brand. There are many elements that go into building a brand, and you will learn various strategies to become top of mind in your industry without having to continually buy media to get in front of your customers. You will learn how to pay attention and optimize the experience that the customer is having.


This module will take you into various types of content, and how to use those types of content can help you achieve specific outcomes with your business and your brand. We will dive into how to use things like photos, videos, email & sales copy and how they can be used to acquire customers, build your brand, retain customers and more. Content gives your brand personality, your products credibility, and creates a channel for you to build relationships with your customer….it literally is king.

Product Development

If you are not making good products, you do not have a lasting business. We walk you through the best practices and foundations in building products that wow customers without spending millions of dollars in a lab. Expanding your product portfolio is an incredible way of maximizing customer LTV, increasing AOV, and building a much more profitable business when done correctly. We help you understand how, why and where to focus your energy when bringing new products to market.


A scalable business requires scalable and cost-effective production, and without a full landscape of potential partners and the ability to compare them, this is a really risky decision to make. We show you the best ways to identify, pitch and manage new manufacturing relationships for new products, or to create backup plans for your current products (or even to add leverage for contract re-negotiations with them by having competitive offers to lower prices). You’ll also learn how to ensure your products are always meeting quality standards, and that partners are held accountable for this incredibly crucial piece of your business.


Customer expectations for product delivery have never been higher (thanks mainly to Amazon Prime’s Free 2 day shipping).  We help you understand how to get your product to your customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while setting and managing customer expectations. You’ll also understand how to properly run your warehouse operation, organize your SKU’s optimally, send and receive inventory, and build out the most accurate pricing and timelines for getting product from the manufacturer to the fulfilment centre, to end customer.


Packaging plays an important role in customer experience, helps your customer use your product, and helps it arrive safely to the point of usage (or travel to various points along with you). We dive into the various ways to use packaging to add tremendous value to your product and to ensure you are effectively managing costs and efficiency within your supply chain.


Cash is king, and most e-commerce startups don’t have enough of the king to grow properly.  Understanding the best ways to manage your cash flow, forecast inventory and overcome the confusing finance hurdles that every startup faces is crucial for rapid and systematic growth. We make finance simple and fun and help you plan for a very bright future ahead instead of worrying about where to start.

Customer Acquisition & Growth

We show you how to balance the most important channels for bringing new customers to your business, and cut through some of the noise and confusion. With countless agencies and sales channels competing for your limited time and budget, we know its important that you know the most important strategies for buying media, building a list, and growing the sales of your business while driving down your CPA across all channels.

Customer Retention & Customer Experience

Customer experience forms the bridge between branding, acquisition, and retention. We help you craft an incredible customer experience so that they become your biggest advocates. If you reduce your churn by 5% you can increase your profit by 25%-100%, so leveraging your existing customers by creating an incredible experience is absolutely paramount.

Launching and Scaling Amazon

Over 50% of e-commerce sales in the US are being done on Amazon.com, making it a sales channel that cannot be ignored. Whether you are new to Amazon or already doing well, our experts will set the strongest foundations for growth and success on this monster sales channel, and help you save time, money and frustration in the process.

Alright, thats a lot of awesome stuff all rolled into one. Ready to get started?

Here’s how you get it

  • 14 live and interactive training sessions
  • Unlimited Q&A with industry experts
  • Individualized implementation support


Additional bonuses

  • “Grandfathered” access to all future recordings and additional training
  • Direct connections to my personal network of the best industry partners
  • Exclusive networking opportunities
  • Alumni discounts on partner programs and services


How do you get in?

  • Do you have an e-commerce business doing over $10,000 / month in sales
  • Are you coachable, focused and ready to grow?
  • Are you willing to invest in a proven system to grow your business


What would breaking $1M per month in sales be worth to you?

What would you feel breaking free from all of the struggle, confusion, and frustration you are experiencing right now in growing your business.

This program is the culmination of millions of dollars in lost revenue and costly mistakes, and millions of dollars in tremendous victories. It encompasses the network that cost me over $70,000 in mastermind events, conferences and exclusive networking experiences to build. It brings in experts who charge $10,000+ per strategy session to break through the barriers in your business.

This six-week program is open to only a handful of companies, and won’t cost you millions of dollars as it did for me…you can’t find this offer anywhere else on the planet. Apply NOW.